Value Bundle Recovery Skin Relief Radiation/Chemotherapy


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Hello, thank you for considering Recovery Skin Relief for Radiation & Chemotherapy. I would like to suggest purchasing our value bundle, which includes enough cream to last you through your entire treatment period.

This bundle not only saves you money in the long run, but it also ensures that you have enough cream to complete your treatment without running out.

It's a convenient and cost-effective option. Recovery Skin Relief Radiation/Chemotherapy bundle provides enough cream to help keep your skin healthy during chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  Each value bundle contains one 8 oz pump bottle and one, 3.4 oz tube.

  • This unique formula instantly re-hydrates your dry, itchy and painfully cracked red sensitive skin due to radiation or chemotherapy side effects.
    • The way to relief is to get hydration deeply into your skin. You are going to feel the immediate difference from all the other products you've ever used.
  • You want and your skin needs deeply penetrating moisturizers and emollients. 
  • ​Steroid free, paraben free, Free from dye, colorants, and fragrances
  • The science behind our formula assures penetration beyond the top layers of your skin.
    • The combination of the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and deep penetration allows your skin to re-hydrate from within.

"This product is Amazing, I started using it the day I started radiation, using it at night only until I started to feel the burn and then I moved to twice a day. At week 4 I didn’t have any of the blisters or peeling that the oncologist expected me to have and, he told me my burn was only about 10% of what they normally see at that stage. I promptly told him what I was using and that this product gets all the credit for how awesome my skin looks!!

I highly recommend the Recovery cream, I went through about a tube a week so plan ahead (I stupidly thought one tube would last all 6 weeks). You don’t want to be without this cream, trust me!!"