How we started this journey- Her Story


I get it! I was there, diagnosed with breast cancer again and facing weeks of intensive radiation treatments. Having breast cancer alone was bad enough, but dealing with the itchy, dry, sore skin made the experience even worse.

Using the hospital's recommended skin cream, a greasy product that pulled the skin when applied and stained both clothing and bedclothes, did nothing to curb the discomfort. As a matter of fact, it made everything worse. So, I set out to find a solution.

Purposely created with my husband, a material scientist with decades of experience in medical device and wound care plus a formulating chemist, Recovery Skin Relief Chemotherapy & Radiation succeeds where all others fail. Dry, itchy, sore, red skin was no longer a problem, and my skin did not blister.

​Guess what-- I maintained healthy skin with spectacular results while watching other women suffer skin breakdown and interruption of treatment. As a competitive horsewoman I was even able to wear a sports bra and continue to compete.

Over the past 20 years and hundreds of thousands of tubes, we are told that Recovery Skin Relief  also worked spectacularly well for people with eczema, diabetic skin problems and cracked dry hands, feet and elbows. Check out our customer reviews. They explain it better than I ever could.